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We are your first choice in a high quality hair experience, made just for you guys. Haircuts, Beard sculpting, Hot Towel Shaves, Facial Masks, and Styling services offered.

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The purpose behind Studio 11 Haircut & Grooming is to make those of every race, creed, and background feel comfortable; no matter who you are, or where you’re from, the Studio 11 staff will make you feel right at home.



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Barbers in today’s world are experts of their craft. Aside from delivering a precise haircut, the comfort of the customer is integral in delivering the full barbershop experience. Getting a haircut shouldn’t feel like a chore, it should be something you look forward to. If you aren’t satisfied, no worries! Your appointment will be on us.

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Our Haircut Specials

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Early Bird Special

This appointment is for any haircut before 10:00 AM and must be scheduled through a text to your barber or a phone call to the shop. There there will be a $10 additional charge on top of any haircut / service you choose!

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The Royal Treatment

This service will consist of any haircut of your choice. This includes ALL SERVICES. Beard, Hair Wash, Hot Steam Facial Massage, Eyebrows, Etc.

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Adult Haircut

With this service, we can fulfill any haircut that you desire. Either leave a note below regarding the type of cut you would like or just let me know when you come in.

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Caesar / Wave Cut

One length throughout the entire head. Typically, this consists of a 1, 1 1/2, or 2 guard. We can perform this haircut as a buzz cut where your barber will go against the grain of the hair, or if you are trying to get or maintain waves, your barber will go with the grain of your hair. This allows your hair to be laid down properly, keeping the natural pattern of your hair.

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Line Up

This is NOT a haircut. This is a service that tightens the regrowth hair around the scalp from your previous haircut. This allows you to wait approximately one week before receiving a full service haircut once again.

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Beard Trim (Razor Optional)

This service is specifically sharpening the regrowth of your beard. We will also shape your beard or trim down the requested length of your choice.

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Price will be based on the time that the design takes. If you have a specific design in mind, please show the barber a picture. If you would like the barber to freestyle a design, feel free to leave a note under your service selection for your barber to see.

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Hot Towel Shave

Every haircut will come with a complementary hot towel neck shave.

Your barber will first apply a pre-shave gel to your neck, behind/over your ears and on your hairline. Once that is completed, you will then be lathered with a hot towel, enabling your pours to open while softening up your skin. This will allow for a an easy glide of the disposable razor that will be used once the menthol based shaving cream is applied.

When the shave is completed you will be cleaned off with a cold compress, and covered with an after-shave scent of your choice!

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Kid's Haircut

With this service, we can fulfill any haircut that you desire. Either leave a note below regarding the type of cut you would like or just let me know when you come in.

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Hair Fibers / Semi Permanent Enhancements

Depending on the enhancement option you choose,hair fibers or semi permanent, this service will consist of an enhancement of your haircut. This means that your barber will add either hair fibers that will stay in for up to two days if you do not wash your hair. You will also be able to sweat with this enhancement without it washing out. With the semi-permanent enhancement, this is a semi-permanent dye that will be spayed into your hair that can stay in up to 4-5 days. You can rub or wash your head with this enhancement and it will stay in. However, the less you rub or wash, the more distinctive this enhancement will last.

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Hair Wash

This service consists of washing the clients head twice; once before the haircut begins to get rid of all dirt, grease, or "bed head," and after the barber finishes cutting your hair. This is so we are able to wash out all of the excess hair from your head hair before bringing you back to the barber chair to style your hair!

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Exfoliating / Black Mask

Exfoliating masks are a form of chemical exfoliation which draws out any surface debris that may clog pores, leaving skin brighter, smoother and more even-toned. DIY exfoliating masks designed for your individual skin can be an effective part of your skin care routine.